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Daylight savings already?

March 9, 2009 - Meg Alexander
Daylight savings already? It's not that time yet, is it? I'm not ready, dangit. Spring I can handle. Warm weather that isn't preceded by snow -- heck yeah, bring it on! But daylight savings? Ugh.

Though my work schedule is irregular to the point that I never go to sleep or get up at the same time for two consecutive days, I still struggle each spring and fall with "springing forward" and "falling back."

I did some research on the history of this retched tradition, and here's what I found thanks to a lovely article written by National Geographic:

Daylight savings is intended to decrease the amount of daylight during the morning and extend it during the evening, though it doesn't always work this way. The federal government does not mandate Daylight Savings. The idea was actually governed by the Interstate Commerce Commission back in 1918 (something to do with the railroads) and then taken over by the Department of Transportation during the '60s.

More rules have changed throughout the years, but here's the way it stands today: The federal government leaves it up to local jurisdictions to decide whether to change the clocks or not. The government also stopped mandating when daylight savings starts and stops — thus the early date for this year. Prior to 2007, areas that observed daylight savings were required to "spring forward" on April 1.

Oh well, I guess daylight savings isn't all bad. Ask me in a week and I'll probably tell you I love it. I know our family enjoys having the extra hours for early evening walks during the summer, and I do prefer the sunlight when driving. (At the ripe old age of 30, I'm already having trouble with my night vision.)


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