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You know you've had enough winter when...

February 9, 2014 - Jennifer Brookens
We've hit that point in winter when most of us have had enough (and especially the below-zero wind chills that have been a near-constant this season!) The children are restless and fighting over everything, and if I have to throw my whole schedule into a monkey wrench for a snow day again, I may just end up getting fitted for a nice snug white coat with lots of straps and buckles...

Some other signs that we've had just about enough of this "Polar Vortex" winter...

* Every pair of warm socks, mittens and gloves you got for Christmas have holes or missing mates.

* "Comfort food" is no longer comforting. Every hot dish, soup, and crock pot meal has been done so often, the dog or cats won't even touch them as leftovers.

* Cabin fever is at its fever pitch. This morning my children got into a shouting and shoving match on who was going to grocery store with me after work. Not to mention how hyper they got when I mentioned the word "vacation" within earshot. Too bad it was in the context of "I hope I don't need to use any more vacation days for snow days."

* Looking ahead at the weather forecast and seeing highs in the 20s for the end of the week leaves you feeling blessed.

* Your gas/electric bill for the month included a note saying, "We break thumbs."

* No matter how much coffee or hot chocolate you drink, you can never seem to get warm.

* You've lost track of how many layers you have on both indoors and outdoors.

* Start thinking, "Hey, maybe global warming wouldn't be so bad..."

* You want to inflict pain when someone mentions, "Hey it was still snowing in May last year!"

* You changed your social media page settings to avoid the people that can't stop showing off their family cruise or beach getaway.

* You are already planning a hot tropical getaway for next winter purely for payback...

* You think about researching or discovering some rare disorder, so you could be excused from work/school and hibernate from November to May.

* Realizing it's 40 days until spring, and it's still not soon enough... Especially when someone brings up last spring! (Seriously, don't bring up last spring... We need a few iotas of hope here!!)


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