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Teachers bearing arms

October 28, 2013 - Jodelle Greiner
After each new school shooting, the question is raised on whether teachers should be armed. I say no, they should not be.

I’m not opposed to having police officers with weapons stationed in schools or the schools hiring armed guards, but I’m not in favor of requiring teachers to carry handguns.

A teacher’s job is to instruct children in subjects like math, geography, history, and English, and make sure they have a good grasp of that knowledge. They are also there to reinforce the values and manners the children have learned at home.

Over the years, a teacher’s job has expanded from just teaching the subjects to often being the ones who are teaching the children manners, values and hygiene, as well, because the parents aren’t bothering to teach their children how to sit still, don’t take what doesn’t belong to you, and don’t bite your classmates. I’m glad the teachers have shouldered that job so the kids are learning it from somewhere, even though I don’t believe it’s their responsibility to raise the kids.

But I draw the line at having the teachers carry guns. Teachers are not law enforcement officials, they are not security guards. We can’t keep pushing everything off on teachers. It’s one thing to expect them to teach kids how to brush their teeth, it’s quite another to expect them to draw a weapon and fire at a gunman, especially when that gunman is a student they have taught.

I’m not sure how to stop kids from taking a gun to school and shooting people at random, but I do know we have to stop looking to our teachers to be that last line of defense for our kids. It’s time to come up with a new solution.


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Oct-29-13 1:27 AM

What about when that gunman is shooting their students and coworkers? I don't believe teachers should be REQUIRED to carry guns, but I firmly believe it should be their choice and encouraged to.


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