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Jealousy among appliances

September 18, 2013 - Jennifer Brookens
Can appliances get jealous? Because I swear that is the only explaination for what happened in my laundry room earlier today.

Last fall, we got a new dryer after the air heater went out. I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. But we had a nice new dryer, but still had the same old washer. It had its little hiccups, but was still usable.

A while ago, the dial on our new dryer became cracked and we could no longer turn it to set the drying time. Because it was less than a year old, it was under warranty, and we got a replacement dial that arrived today.

Now here's where things get weird...

Right after I put the new dial on, I started a load of laundry. However, when the tub was supposed to be done filling, the hot water kept going. And going. And going! Pushing the stop knob did nothing. Pulling the plug on the washing machine did nothing! It was like it was possessed. I finally had to turn off the water at the source to make it stop. And our washing machine was up to the rim!

I admit I'm not mechanically or plumbing inclined, so I'm not sure as to what caused this. But for now, it looks like it cold water laundry untl further notice. The timing of it is just so ironic that I have to wonder if this was my washer's way of saying, "It's my turn for an upgrade! Pay attention to Me!"

But it might be getting more than it baragined for... Like a one-way trip to the curb!


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