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Entering Phase III

July 23, 2013 - Jennifer Brookens
This week marks a transition phase for my family's summer.

Normally, people look at summer as June, July and August. For my family, the phases are in the different activities the kids are doing.

Phase I was three weeks worth of daycamps for The Girl... Then one week of "downtime" for the Fourth of July and a quickie vacation. Then came Phase II - swimming lessons for both, and tennis lessons for The Girl. And let's not forget the afternoon art class she has once a week throughout the summer.

This week The Boy started the kinder prep (*while Mom held back her inner freakout*) and the preparation for Phase III: being an assistant coach for The Girl's soccer team (and remember I was the one getting hit in the head with the soccer ball because I was looking for four-leaf clovers on the field when I was a kid). AND now we add the Children's Theater since The Girl decided she wants to be an actress... (Or interior designer. Or fashion designer... It changes on a daily basis). On top of that, this week brings the end of the "big bike giveaway" that has usurped all my husband's time and energy for the past three months, only to follow with Fair Week in the middle of the soccer/theater mix...

Is it any wonder I'm feeling more than a little scattered lately?!

Phase III will reach its conclusion after fair week with another vacation/staycation for two birthday boys in the family... Then one more week until high school football season begins and Labor Day signals the back to school bell.

I have to admit I feel a little gypped. I remember back when summer was actually FUN - nothing to do but go out and play with friends, go swimming. I ask myself what happened to that whenever the event tornado in my head is whirling beyond comprehension. Then I realize that now I need to make a living, and I can't simply turn my children loose on the neighborhood and hope for the best.

"You'll miss this someday," someone told me when I attempted to run through one of my harried daily schedules.

It's true - I already miss my summer even though there are still six weeks left. But I have gotten a few moments of summer time fun in - a few hours of lying in the sun with a drink in hand. And I got burned for it literally. But then there's the little moments in the rush... Seeing the kids reaction to trying a new flavor at the Dairy Freeze, or swelling up with pride as they master a swimming stroke they thought was hopeless. I felt like I was the best Mom ever when I saw their eyes light up as we went to the Wisconsin Dells waterparks for the first time, and a great time was truly had by all.

But Heaven help me when in a quiet moment, one of them flops over to me and huffs, "I'm bored..." You can only imagine what my response might be...


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