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Shoot me: Harris IS attractive

April 7, 2013 - Lee Smith
Consider the following statement: John F. Kennedy was a handsome, young president. He had a beautiful wife and lovely children.

Are you offended?

The reality-denying, perpetually offended would suggest you should be.

Just as they did last week when President Obama praised California Attorney General Kamala Harris. He said she is brilliant, dedicated and tough, and also — in a tongue-in-cheek, laugh-seeking compliment — that she is the best-looking attorney general in the country. His audience laughed.

The critics arched their backs. They wanted to know: How dare the president note a woman’s beauty? The president later apologized through his press secretary, who said something about women facing sexist challenges in the workplace.

What!? Where did that bizarre translation come from?

FYI: The California attorney general is elected. She is in charge of her workplace, and she is accountable to voters. They may, if they choose, vote for her strictly based on her looks, although that is not advisable. She is not some poor, beleagured 1960s office secretary who faces a grabby boss every day.

Kamala Harris IS a beautiful woman. She probably IS the best-looking AG in the country. I know nothing else about her. She could be a neo-communist who beats puppies. Still, on the outside, she’s attractive. That is a fact, whether derived from an aesthetic point of view or, if you wish, from the perceptions of maleness and biology. Those aforementioned critics may wish to deny biology. Perhaps they can get together with the creationists.

It is possible — is it not? — that the critics, not the president, are tone deaf. If you drop the context of the occasion or the speaker’s intention every time you listen to someone, you probably are constantly offended. In our politically correct modern society, the “offended” have somehow been granted a kind of social power. (I believe this is what they want.) It should be revoked. For those critics perhaps making an honest mistake, it should be suggested that they, not everyone else, are the socially inept misfits. Or, in the altnernative, they should take their neuroses to a professional.

By the way, I am offended by petty stupidity.


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Apr-08-13 2:19 PM

I love it. Petty stupidity is the unltimate offense. AND it is ugly!!


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