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Science takes back seat to politics

March 9, 2013 - Lee Smith
I like to be surprised by illuminating information. So I am grateful to the Miami Herald columnist Glenn Garvin, who tackled the Luddites of the left recently.

How so?

Well ... have you heard of “golden rice.” It is a genetically modified rice that contains vitamin A. It delivers vitamin A better than spinach. As with other foods that are essentially hybrids, study after study shows they are perfectly safe.

Yet each year, up to a half-million children around the world go blind from vitamin A deficiency. Half of them, or more, die. They haven’t been able to get golden rice, even though it is a quick, easy and cheap fix. Why?

For more than a decade, Luddite-left activists, such as Greenpeace, have kept golden rice off the market, calling it “Frankenfood,” claiming it will hurt the environment and — remarkably — spread “dependence” on capitalism. (Opposed to dependence on what?)

It is estimated that more than 8 million children have died in the interim, as this silly political fight plays out.

Doesn’t the left believe in science? Aren’t they the ones who scoff at the supernatural religious right? Don’t they say the “science” of global warming is beyond doubt?

What else?

Science — real, true actual science — says that if you are a parent and do not get your child vaccinated against whooping cough and measles, etc., then you are negligent, to say the least. But the crazy left has tried to link vaccines to autism and other neurological disturbances. The scare apparently goes back to a Robert Kennedy Jr. article in Rolling Stone and Salon in 2005. Salon later retracted the article because of its errors.

Why all the fear? It works on susceptible people. These are my thoughts, not Garvin’s: The extreme left doesn’t “believe” in science. It believes in politics. In fact, it is hyperpartisan. It hates capitalism, and it hates corporations, and it therefore hates the betterment of mankind. Its activists and extremists are not beyond any approach to seek the change they want.


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Mar-28-13 4:56 PM

Mr. Smith, it's not people on the left or the right that are against vaccination. It's a group of cynics and fear mongering people.


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